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Your mind is yours to master. Unlock your potential and create a life of infinite possibility.

Unlock change with your subconscious mind

In hypnosis your subconscious mind is wide open to taking on the change you have decided upon. If you have already tried to change something in your life without including your subconscious mind (e.g. to become more self-confident or to lose weight), you may have fallen back into old patterns after a short spell of success. This is because the root causes for any issue are located in your subconscious mind. These must be directly addressed those in order to achieve lasting change. In hypnosis you release the old blocks that hold you back and you reprogram your mind with new beliefs and thought patterns at the deepest possible level. Regardless of whether the sessions take place in person in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom: hypnosis works, if you want it to. If you are not ready to leave old habits behind and acquire positive new habits, then hypnosis is not for you. Your own drive and motivation are crucial for your success. Why? Your subconscious mind cannot be controlled by others. You are always in the driver's seat.


Reprogram your mind to take on new habits

Programs in your subconscious mind determine your habits. Where do these programs come from? They are a result of your feelings, memories and experiences. They and are in place by the time you turn 7 years old. Your subconscious mind is an archive of every second of your life and how you felt at each moment - even when you were a baby growing in the womb. Your habits of today are a direct result of your mix of feelings and memories. If you have a limiting habit which you have been unable to resolve, then the root cause of it is almost certainly located in your subconscious. The good news is: your subconscious mind is willing to learn new habits and eliminate unhelpful ones because it wants the best for you. You can take charge of this part of you by going into hypnosis. Your mind cooperates with your determination and motivation to implement change and achieve your goals.


Change your inner world & transform your outer world

Since your subconscious mind is the home of your thoughts, habits, feelings and reactions, sustainable change is almost always only possible with the involvement of your subconscious. You can achieve phenomenal transformation through hypnosis, because your subconscious is absolutely capable of learning and loves to acquire new habits that are beneficial for you. You can think of your subconscious as your inner hard drive. It has a program for every situation. The main task of your subconscious is to retrieve the stored program for every situation you encounter. If you want to make a change, it means that your subconscious mind will accept and integrate a new program. This means that your hard drive can be reprogrammed at any time. Old programs that no longer serve you will either be overwritten or deleted. You have the chance today through hypnosis to acquire new patterns (programs) that will improve and benefit your quality of life.


For your Information

Hypnosis does not fall within the scope of application of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act, but in the case of independent practice falls under the so-called "new self-employed". It is essential for the professional practice of hypnosis that, in any case, it is not allowed to interfere with the reserved areas of physicians, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists or other health professions or regulated trades. This includes in particular any treatment of diseases, pathological disorders and psychological problems.

Please note that I cannot accept clients with seizure disorders such as epilepsy or people with severe heart problems. Also, if you suffer from mental health problems, I do not conduct hypnosis. The same applies to people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Caution is also advised for diabetics (in particular type I), but this will be explained in more detail in the preliminary conversation.

Your success is my priority!

After the preliminary conversation, I just felt that Lindsay was the one I could trust with my sensitive issue. My husband and I have been together for over 20 years, but somehow - despite our mutual desires - I could not let go and let in as I wanted. The sessions and audio recording have had a tremendous impact on my life and our relationship. I am now much better at letting go and expressing myself in all areas of life. Big big thank you!!!


Marie V. (Amsterdam)

Even in situations where I didn't think I could be relaxed, I am so much calmer and more at ease. Thank you so much, Lindsay. Your gentle, soothing voice and wise words worked their magic!

Emma B. (Bregenz)

Total trust and a feeling completely comfortable were the secrets of success in my hypnosis with Lindsay. Lindsay has an indescribable gift for relating to people and she does this with incredible sensitivity and care. Lindsay, thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how life is worth living, how beautiful life is and how strong I am.

Birgit F. (Innsbruck)

Lindsay really saw me and what I wanted to get out of the hypnosis. I felt understood, I felt guided and taken care of. During the hypnosis she was professional and very empathetic. For me, hypnosis had a lasting and liberating effect that has had a positive influence on my life as a whole.

Andrea L. (Salzburg)

I asked Lindsay to help me release the blocks that were holding me back for my future business success. I had the most amazing session with Lindsay. She helped me remove false beliefs and install new ones.
Now, a few months later, I have just started my own business. I am confident about the future and know with absolute certainty that I will be incredibly successful.

John D. (London)

Lindsay's technique was completely liberating. I feel so light and clear and happy after the sessions. And absolutely empowered to do things in a new way. For anyone considering using hypnosis with Lindsay, I would say go for it! Your life will improve immensely. Amazing. Thank you Lindsay!

Sabrina D. (Graz)

I am so grateful, feel so much freer, have so much energy, I really feel on top of the world!!!! Thanks a million, Lindsay!!!

Claudia W. (Innsbruck)

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