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Knowing who you are and what you want in life is key for your happiness, success and relationships.

Discover your purpose with hypnosis in Tyrol

What do you want from life?

You may know that feeling that something doesn't feel quite right. Something is off balance, out of flow, but until now you have just got on with things. Perhaps you have been uncertain about making changes. In childhood, many of us are shaped to believe that certain boxes are to be ticked or targets are to be achieved. But what if - despite ticking all the boxes, you are not happy? Or what if you are living outside of the box and the expectations of society is making you feel you are not good enough.

Paradox in society: because we are different we are the same

The feeling of being different and not good enough are two of the most common limiting beliefs - we have all had these thoughts at some point! However, you came into this world with your unique personality and abilities for a reason. Your set of gifts and talents set you apart and your essence of who you are as a person exists nowhere else on this planet. You have a unique purpose, and when you are living it, breathing it, being it, your life will flow. You will feel true inner peace and happiness. Your life will feel easy. Everyone on this planet is different, and that fact makes us the same - no matter what life path you are on. Whether you want to look at issues in relationships, at work, or for you alone, understanding and embracing your inner purpose is the path to true happiness.

Hear your inner voice

When you listen to your inner voice, instinct and desires, you feel good and life flows. You are happy. Too often our head says something else, tells us to do things later, makes us worry about what others think and keeps us stuck in unfulfilling life circumstances. The symptoms of this are mental and physical illness - otherwise known as "dis-ease".

Do you feel moved by these words?

There is a reason why you are reading this page. Maybe it is time for more self-care. Maybe you want to live a life more fitting to the person you really are, but something is holding you back. In my hypnosis inner purpose package you will free yourself from old blocks that have been holding you back and connect with your higher self to learn your true purpose. Your inner voice can give you the answers you have been looking for. I look forward to working with you personally in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom to connect you to your inner truth.

Your success is my priority!

I am so grateful, feel so much freer, have so much energy, I really feel on top of the world!!!! Thanks a million, Lindsay!!!

Claudia W. (Innsbruck)

Lindsay's technique was completely liberating. I feel so light and clear and happy after the sessions. And absolutely empowered to do things in a new way. For anyone considering using hypnosis with Lindsay, I would say go for it! Your life will improve immensely. Amazing. Thank you Lindsay!

Sabrina D. (Graz)

Lindsay really saw me and what I wanted to get out of the hypnosis. I felt understood, I felt guided and taken care of. During the hypnosis she was professional and very empathetic. For me, hypnosis had a lasting and liberating effect that has had a positive influence on my life as a whole.

Andrea L. (Salzburg)

After the preliminary conversation, I just felt that Lindsay was the one I could trust with my sensitive issue. My husband and I have been together for over 20 years, but somehow - despite our mutual desires - I could not let go and let in as I wanted. The sessions and audio recording have had a tremendous impact on my life and our relationship. I am now much better at letting go and expressing myself in all areas of life. Big big thank you!!!


Marie V. (Amsterdam)

I asked Lindsay to help me release the blocks that were holding me back for my future business success. I had the most amazing session with Lindsay. She helped me remove false beliefs and install new ones.
Now, a few months later, I have just started my own business. I am confident about the future and know with absolute certainty that I will be incredibly successful.

John D. (London)

Even in situations where I didn't think I could be relaxed, I am so much calmer and more at ease. Thank you so much, Lindsay. Your gentle, soothing voice and wise words worked their magic!

Emma B. (Bregenz)

Total trust and a feeling completely comfortable were the secrets of success in my hypnosis with Lindsay. Lindsay has an indescribable gift for relating to people and she does this with incredible sensitivity and care. Lindsay, thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how life is worth living, how beautiful life is and how strong I am.

Birgit F. (Innsbruck)

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