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The possibilities with hypnosis are almost limitless. Here you will find an excerpt of areas where hypnosis is often used and can positively impact your life.

Decisionmaking & Achieving Goals

In today's world, change is the new norm. The last few years have touched almost everyone. From one moment to the next, our social life was cut off, many of us ended up in home office or furlough and many of us found ourselves living in close quarters with our partner and family for months at a time. Or coping with being alone. Perhaps after these last years you have unexpectedly found yourself in a new life situation, or would like to make changes. It could be that you are in a professional or private state of change and want to gain clarity on the best way forward. Whether your new situation was voluntary or outwith your control, there are always decisions that you might need to take. Decisions around change happen in all areas of life. Whether it is in a relationship, wanting a child, moving or changing careers and any type of major change, decisions are difficult.
In hypnosis you can connect with your inner voice to find clarity in your decision making. You plant and sow the seed for your future path in life. Personally in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom I accompany you on your way.


If you believe you're not good enough, you're not alone. This is one of the most common negative belief patterns that prevent people from being happy and achieving what they really want. This belief manifests itself in anxiety, shyness, fear of getting close to others and relationship issues. Even if you have experienced trauma in your life, it is absolutely possible to develop healthy self-esteem. Your self-esteem levels are located in your subconscious mind, and in hypnosis your subconscious mind is open to taking on the belief patterns to grow your self-confidence. The fact is: healthy self-esteem comes from within and has very little to do with external events. That means: your self-confidence is in your hands. It does not matter what your mind is telling you now (or what other people are saying to you and about you). You have the opportunity every day to start believing in yourself. In the hypnosis self-esteem package you can eliminate old subconscious patterns, embrace your own gifts and talents and fully realize your potential. Personally in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom, it is time to embrace your true self-worth.

Embrace your Feminine Power

As women, our happiness and success are dependent on our female energy being in flow. In a society where masculine energy predominates, it is easy for us to fall into masculine behaviour patterns and tendencies. We are all made up of masculine and feminine energies, but in todays world we tend to adopt masculine tendencies because we believe it makes us stronger. In fact, the opposite is the case. When we suppress our feminine energy, we are swimming against the current. This unbalances body and mind and results in lack of self-worth, injuries, illness, PMS, menopausal problems, sex issues and relationship problems. Since the female body is still largely taboo, "women's issues" tend to be neglected and kept quiet. As women, our strength, energy and creativity resides in the womb space. By suppressing our feminine, we weaken our minds and our bodies, because it was considered weak or taboo to be feminine. In my Hypnosis-Female package you can reconnect with your true feminine energy and true identity as a woman. You can be stronger than you ever were. Adopting too many masculine tendencies weaken our systems. This program is suitable for all women who wish for more happiness and balance in their lives, and who above all want to feel happy and confident and their bodies. The sessions can take place either Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.

*women only*

Eliminate blocks

You know that sense of frustration when things are just not going to plan? Everything seems to go wrong. In many cases, this phase passes and you move on. But there can be situations where somehow you just feel stuck or feel like you are going round in circles. If you repeatedly find yourself in the same situations, then you most likely have a subconscious block. It is normal not to understand where this block comes from and why these unfortunate incidents repeat themselves. It's because the root cause is in the subconscious mind. These blocks override all logic and play out like an automatic program. Subconscious blocks can also attract a certain type of people and events into your life. They types of blocks are almost impossible to stop or change via logic, because the program is already ingrained and running. Hypnosis is an excellent method for accessing and eliminating subconscious blocks. In person with me in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or in a Zoom Hypnosis session you identify subconscious blocks and dissolve them, creating space to implement what you desire. It is in your hands. Then you can direct your life positively into the direction you are ready to go in.

Empaths - Live your Superpower

Empaths are highly empathetic people who sense and pick up feelings and energetic vibrations from others. They are often labeled as too sensitive, but being an empath is an incredibly special gift. Characteristics of an empath are, for example, being introverted, strong intuition, aversion to violence on television. They feel what others are feeling. Empaths are also classic targets for energy vampires who offload their problems on them. They are exceptionally good listeners because they automatically put themselves in the other person's shoes. If you recognize these qualities in yourself, you may often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and at times taken advantage of. Self-care, cast iron boundaries and a clear connection to their own needs are extremely important for the well-being of an empath. An empath's body and mind process not only their own feelings, but those of everyone else. In my Hypnosis Empath Package you can focus your special gift and turn it into your superpower. The hypnosis sessions can take place personally in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.

Study motivation & calm in exams

You're sitting at your desk knowing you need to absorb the course content, but instead you're looking at your phone, surfing the internet, or generally getting distracted. Despite a guilty conscience and a lot of frustration, you just can't seem to manage to sit down and study. Maybe you are also worrying about the exam or disappointing others in your life. This is all normal to an extent, but when it starts to sabotage your study and success, it is time to take action. The good news is this: we were all born with the ability to study, absorb and recall information in the moment we require it. This ability can be reactivated and strengthened by connecting to the part of you responsible for that through hypnosis. In my hypnosis learning and/or exam package, you can identify your subconscious learning blocks and train your brain to take in and recall the information you need for your exams. Then we strengthen your concentration, motivation and perseverance. We reprogram your mind to absorb the  learning strategy that best suits you at the most powerful subconscious level. Learning can become easier, and you can get real satisfaction from it. You gain more confidence for the exam, because you know that you can do it. The hypnosis sessions can take place personally in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.

Reduce Stress & Gain inner Calm

Stress.... It's today's buzzword! Everyone is stressed, but what can we do to become more relaxed - despite the ongoing chaos in the world? We can change our environment to an extent. However it is far smarter to grow inner strength. Challenges will always come along, and you can tackle life's challenges in a calm way. Indications of stress can be, for example, sleep problems, constantly circling thoughts, exhaustion and digestive problems. Our stress levels are mainly controlled by our subconscious beliefs, which explains why certain situations are perceived as stressful by one person and are not an issue at all for others. When you were born, you had no idea what stress was. It became a learned habit which you acquired by watching the behaviour of the grown ups around you in certain situations. The good news is, that if you can learn stress, you can also learn calm and relaxation. Suddenly you have more time, because you spend less of it worrying! You gain clarity and a sense of ease. Life becomes joy. If you are ready to master the challenges of life in a more relaxed way, then my Hypnosis Calm package is the right one for you. The hypnosis sessions can take place personally in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.

Past life regression

A past life regression is a journey into one or several previous lives of your soul. In this single session, you can gain deep insights into the themes and soul path. Many people book a regression because they are curious about where it will take them. In the course of the session, clarity often emerges about topics in your life that perhaps didn't make sense to you before, but have always been part of who you are. Your current life shares themes related to your past lives. In every life we all have lessons to learn. Some of these lessons span across multiple lifetimes. In a past life regression you can gain clarity about your lessons, release karmic imbalances as well as past life blocks. This session can be truly life-changing. Maybe you will finally close an issue or be presented with solutions. Finally, you can leave issues that do not belong in this life in the past - exactly where they belong. Your soul will be set free. During my hypnosis past life regression session you connect to your higher self and your spiritual guides who will accompany you on your way. The sessions take place in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.


Sleeping is the most effective thing we can do to allow our brain and body to properly regenerate. It is scientifically proven that healthy sleep maintains a healthy body and mind. Almost everyone has phases when they have a poor quality of sleep. But what happens if you get too little sleep over a longer period of time? This quickly turns into a vicious cycle: feeling nervous about going to sleep, and then as bedtime approaches feeling even more nervous. It becomes almost impossible to fall asleep or get a full night's sleep. As a result you are dealing with constant fatigue and low mood. If there are no medical or psychological reasons behind your sleep issue that have been diagnosed by a medical professional, there is most likely a block or pattern in your subconscious that is responsible for this issue. Every person is born with the natural ability to sleep. This ability can be reactivated. In my Hypnosis Sleep package you can teach your body and mind how to sleep soundly again. The hypnosis sessions take place in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.

Calm at the dentist

A visit to the dentist is an appointment is hardly the highlight of anyone's calendar. As likeable as the dentist may be, if you are not a fan of the dentist, you most likely prefer not to see them! In fact you might start to sweat just thinking about getting into the dentist's chair and opening your mouth up. If I say "don't think about it", what happens? You do think about it. Imagine what it would be like, if going to the dentist became such a non-event, that you hardly think about it at all. If dentist appointments simply became a routine exercise for you. If you were able to get the treatments done that you have been putting off because you know it is possible for you. In my Hypnosis Relaxed at the Dentist Package you can teach positive patterns to your subconscious with regard to the dentist. The hypnosis sessions take place in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.

Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the most common areas where hypnosis is used. If you are a smoker, I don't need to tell you that smoking is unhealthy. Despite the facts, you might feel that you need cigarettes even though you want to give them up. There is that constant stress of making sure you have enough cigarettes, a lighter as well as a spare lighter at hand and the uneasy feeling when you smell the smoke on yourself - especially in winter. If you are a smoker, you know all of this, but to become smoke-free, knowing it alone is not enough. At the same time, smoking annoys you and you are ready to quit. The hypnosis approach is very direct. Behind smoking is a subconscious pattern driving the habit. My Hypnosis Free from Cigarettes package is about dissolving the causes of your smoking, so that you can finally and sustainably free yourself from it and all of the annoying associated burdens. The hypnosis sessions take place in Hall in Tirol (near Innsbruck) or via Zoom.

Your success is my priority!

Total trust and a feeling completely comfortable were the secrets of success in my hypnosis with Lindsay. Lindsay has an indescribable gift for relating to people and she does this with incredible sensitivity and care. Lindsay, thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how life is worth living, how beautiful life is and how strong I am.

Birgit F. (Innsbruck)

I asked Lindsay to help me release the blocks that were holding me back for my future business success. I had the most amazing session with Lindsay. She helped me remove false beliefs and install new ones.
Now, a few months later, I have just started my own business. I am confident about the future and know with absolute certainty that I will be incredibly successful.

John D. (London)

I am so grateful, feel so much freer, have so much energy, I really feel on top of the world!!!! Thanks a million, Lindsay!!!

Claudia W. (Innsbruck)

Lindsay really saw me and what I wanted to get out of the hypnosis. I felt understood, I felt guided and taken care of. During the hypnosis she was professional and very empathetic. For me, hypnosis had a lasting and liberating effect that has had a positive influence on my life as a whole.

Andrea L. (Salzburg)

After the preliminary conversation, I just felt that Lindsay was the one I could trust with my sensitive issue. My husband and I have been together for over 20 years, but somehow - despite our mutual desires - I could not let go and let in as I wanted. The sessions and audio recording have had a tremendous impact on my life and our relationship. I am now much better at letting go and expressing myself in all areas of life. Big big thank you!!!


Marie V. (Amsterdam)

Lindsay's technique was completely liberating. I feel so light and clear and happy after the sessions. And absolutely empowered to do things in a new way. For anyone considering using hypnosis with Lindsay, I would say go for it! Your life will improve immensely. Amazing. Thank you Lindsay!

Sabrina D. (Graz)

Even in situations where I didn't think I could be relaxed, I am so much calmer and more at ease. Thank you so much, Lindsay. Your gentle, soothing voice and wise words worked their magic!

Emma B. (Bregenz)

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